Certificates & Training Programs

Graduate Certificate ProgramS

Certificate in Photonics

The Duke Photonics Certificate Program provides a venue for master's and doctoral (PhD) students to learn more about photonics as a path to interdisciplinary research and technology development. The program is offered through the multidisciplinary Fitzpatrick Institute of Photonics, which is based within the Pratt School of Engineering. Students are encouraged to develop broad and transferable sets of skills in their course work and research activities.

Certificate in Nanoscience

Duke ECE participates in the university-wide Graduate Certificate Program in Nanoscience, which provides an interdisciplinary education in the broad areas of nanoscience and nanomaterials.

Training Programs

Integrative Bioinformatics for Investigating and Engineering Microbiomes (IBIEM)

Integrative Bioinformatics for Investigating and Engineering Microbiomes (IBIEM) is an interdisciplinary graduate training program between Duke and North Carolina A&T State University which brings together scientists with interests in microbiome research. The educational model of IBIEM transcends communication barriers between disciplines and promotes team science. Graduate students in microbiology, engineering and other empirical sciences are cross-trained with theorists, model builders and computational scientists. IBIEM trainees are exposed to and develop a range of skills as well as be engaged with the community through outreach activities aimed at promoting science and engineering to the public.